Exploring Atlanta’s Hidden Gems and Unique Adventures

Atlanta, a city known for its rich history, bustling urban life, and cultural landmarks, holds a treasure trove of hidden gems that often escape the tourist radar. These lesser-known spots offer a unique glimpse into the heart of the city, providing both residents and visitors with unforgettable experiences. From secluded parks to quirky museums, Atlanta’s […]

Splash into Summer: Top Water Activities Near/In Atlanta

Summer in Atlanta can get pretty hot, but luckily, there are plenty of ways to cool down and have fun in the water. Here are some great options to consider: 1. White Water Rafting at Nantahala River Just over an hour from Atlanta, the Nantahala River offers an exciting mix of calm flat water and […]

Exciting Activities to Enjoy in Atlanta This Summer

As temperatures rise in Atlanta, so does the excitement in the air, drawing locals and visitors alike to explore the myriad of activities this dynamic city has to offer. Whether you’re a foodie, nature enthusiast, or culture aficionado, Atlanta has something for everyone to enjoy under the summer sun. Piedmont Park Picnic: Pack a picnic […]

29 Fun Things to Do on Thanksgiving—Besides Eat!

If there’s one thing Thanksgiving is known for, it’s the feast. We spend weeks planning for favorite side dishes, hours roasting the perfect Thanksgiving turkey, and let’s of course not forget those delectable pie recipes we crave for dessert! Once you’ve reached your food quotient, it’s time to step out of the kitchen and start brainstorming fun things to […]


Experience the season’s best and create family memories at Georgia’s fall festivals and fairs. Fall beckons families outdoors to enjoy Georgia’s festivals, fairs and crisp weather. From festivals in the mountains to the Georgia National Fair in the middle of the state, fall adventures await families around the state. Sample a few events around Georgia […]

Things to do in Atlanta if you’re only here once

Things to do in Atlanta if you're only here once

It doesn’t get more Atlanta than these attractions! If you’re new to Atlanta these are the must see spots in the city that will have everyone in the family raving. 1) World of Coca-Cola  As its name suggests, World of Coca-Cola is a museum dedicated entirely to Coke. Visits to the two-level facility begin with […]

Kosher in Atlanta

Kosher in Atlanta

Here’s a quick guide to your local Kosher food options when you are visiting Atlanta, Georgia! Feel free to let us know if we left anything out by mistake. Fuego Mundo MEAT – The only South American wood fire grill in town. Beautiful sitting areas in/outdoors, a great place to take clients to meetings, family […]