Kosher in Atlanta

by Rachel Lipszyc

August 11, 2021

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Here’s a quick guide to your local Kosher food options when you are visiting Atlanta, Georgia! Feel free to let us know if we left anything out by mistake.

Fuego Mundo

MEAT – The only South American wood fire grill in town. Beautiful sitting areas in/outdoors, a great place to take clients to meetings, family dinners, etc. Vegan options as well. Located in Sandy Springs.

Chai Peking 

MEAT – If you want Chinese food while you’re here, this is your one stop shop! Located inside the Toco Hills Kroger and there are some tables by a general seating area. Vegan options as well. Located in Toco Hills.

Toco Grill

MEAT – Fusing Middle-Eastern flare with some good ole’ American flavor. Shawarma, falafel, Wings, burgers and much more! Sitting areas available indoors or at the covered patio outside. Located in Toco Hills.

EB’S Ghost Kitchen

MEAT/PARVE – A catering company that has great takeout options from a rotating menu on Tuesday (Sandwiches), Wednesday (Wholesome options such as Poke bowls, etc.), and Friday (Shabbat in a box menu). Pick up only. Located in Sandy Springs.

The Spicy Peach

DAIRY/PARVE – A boutique supermarket that carries Kosher food and ingredients not found elsewhere in the city. They also have soft serve ice cream (vanilla only:) as well as a salad, panini, and soup bar. Located in Toco Hills.

Formaggio Mio

DAIRY – The only pizza serving restaurant in Atlanta. Nice and spacious seating area. Located in Toco Hills.

Tip Top Market & Mediterranean Restaurant 

MEAT – An Israeli supermarket that also serves up sandwiches and assorted Bourekas. Call to make sure they have menu options available before making the drive out there.

Kosher Gourmet

MEAT/PARVE – This supermarket that specializes in bringing in a wide array of meats and wine also does catering and has a deli counter that you can make custom sandwiches (with side salads) at. Located in Toco Hills next to Formaggio Mio.

Kroger (Toco Hills)

This supermarket has the largest Kosher section in Atlanta. Come find fresh sushi, bread, deli sandwiches, cakes, cookies, milk, yogurts, cheese, meats, snacks, and more! This Kroger has Chai Peking inside of it as well.

Kroger (Dunwoody)

This supermarket has a large Kosher section as well. Come find fresh sushi, bread, deli, cookies, milk, yogurts, cheese, meats, snacks, and more!

Kroger (Sandy Springs)

This supermarket has some snacks, meats, milk, yogurt, cheese, cookies, etc.

Ali’s Cookies (Olde Perimeter Way Location)

PARVE – This is a one stop shop for your gourmet cookie needs (Pas Yisroel). With dozens of cookie varieties and a modest dairy (Cholov Yisroel) ice cream selection, what’s not to love?

Which restaurants/shops do you find yourself in frequently? Got any favorite dishes to recommend to others? Leave your comments below!